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25 Blogging Statistics & Trends for 2024

Blogging is a popular way of growing a personal brand or company profile, but just how popular is it among marketing experts, companies, and influencers? In this article, we’ll look at the 2024 blogging statistics from our expert research and notable annual surveys in the marketing world.

Here are 25 statistics and trends on blogging.

Blogging Statistics and Trends for 2024

  • Around 76% of bloggers publish how-to content. This currently acts as the most popular type of content to post on a blog in 2024.
  • Half of bloggers use statistics to support their opinion-related and how to blogs to ensure authority and expertise. This is a good sign and a helpful sign battling AI content that’s not double checked by writers and editors.
  • According to Orbit Media, only around 43% of bloggers are covering opinion pieces. This can relate to film, political media, marketing, and other niches.
  • Infographics while successful for SEO link building campaigns, only 1 out of 4 bloggers make it as part of their blog content strategy.
A pie chart displaying 25% of bloggers using inforgraphics.
A pie chart displaying 25% of bloggers using infographics.
  • Platforms like Screen Rant and bloggers still love to post list articles due to their organic reach. Around 55% of bloggers use it in their content plans on a regular basis.
  • Audio is used only in 6% of blogs, making it a relatively diminished medium in the world of blogging. Will the gigantic growth of podcasts turn this around?
  • According to our research, 45% of website owners buy blog posts for their own blog to reach a newer audience quicker and outsource writing on topics that require specialist knowledge.
  • Around 22% of bloggers are editing their own work.
  • B2B blogs are generally 12% longer than non-B2B blog posts.
  • Around 49% of people admit to skim past blog posts.
  • 59% of readers feel that blogs struggle to keep their attention.
  • 38% of blogging publications with editors use more than one editor. This process of multiple editors has proven to help with fact-checking and a consistent style of writing.
  • WordPress stands as the most popular platform with 96% of blogger using it as their main platform for blogging. Custom built blogs come close in second with 1.5%.
  • The average blog post is around 1,507 words long. This has nearly doubled in length since a decade ago. The focus on lengthy well-researched content is evident.
  • 29% of bloggers have confirmed they use low volume keywords as part of their content strategy.
  • 35% of bloggers don’t use AI in any shape or form for their content. While 43% claim to generate ideas for their blogs with the help of AI platforms such as Bard and ChatGPT.
  • Our research survey shows that 82% of bloggers use ChatGPT as their primary AI tool for blogging.
  • 72% of blogger using AI believe that AI tools are still too early to be fully trusted in the writing process.
AI cartoon
AI is becoming more popular with the rise of ChatGPT and Bard by Google.
  • 89% of writers claim to be able to detect AI written content.
  • 3% of blogger using AI content have stated they have seen poor organic performance.
  • 89% of bloggers agree that the images used in their blog have positive impact in readability and presentation.
  • 52.5% of bloggers have claimed they used clickbait blog titles to gain attention and clicks.
  • Around 1 in 12 bloggers believe that blogging is a slowly dying medium.
  • 1 in 5 bloggers believe that the domain name aids with reader conversion.
  • 16% of bloggers admit to using Fiverr for their writing services.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is undoubtedly embracing AI. With blogging becoming more competitive with better writers and more in-depth articles, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to stand out. Companies are hiring in-house writers to keep up, and outsourcing blog writing has become more popular than ever in the past two decades.

With 2024 truly underway, we are excited to track the new trends, expert opinions, and surveys conducted by marketing institutes and agencies.


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Lauren Stephens
Lauren Stephens
Lauren is an experienced writer with expertise in SEO, viral marketing, and blogging. She is currently a freelance SEO consultant helping small businesses grow through organic reach.